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The Hidden Power of Role Models

Amelia Earhart, One of Steve Job’s Role Models “Think Different” Apple Advertising Campaign

This post begins a new exciting section for FAN. We got the idea from Steve Jobs: If it worked for him and led to his inventions and creation of a tsunami of technologies that are indispensable in our life, it can work for you. Steve Jobs said, “You can tell a lot about a person by who his or her heroes are.” Steve Jobs role models included Jim Hensen, who created the Muppets, Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Bob Dylan and Amelia Earhart, pictured above.

On these pages, we’ll tell you more about Steve Jobs’ use of role models, and we’ll show you how to tap into the power of your role models.

To begin, you should know the ideas in this book are derived, first and foremost, from the discoveries and on-going research on mirror neurons, dedicated brain cells that automatically store what we see others do so that we can copy that behavior immediately or later on. Secondly, it builds on the broad awareness we have of alter-egos or role models we create from our imagination or ones we adopt from such places as books, movies, television programs, the internet and video games. The book also uses the compelling evidence of the effectiveness of role models in medical schools, the military, music industry, sports and mentoring programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, 4H Clubs and Little League.

Finally, it is supported by 15 years of research and teaching on role models, personal development and performance improvement in a wide range of industries by Frank Schaper, a long-standing friend and colleague. He is author of seven books, an executive coach, a trainer and a motivational speaker. I conduct an average of 120 workshops, lectures, TV, radio and print interviews annually. For the past thirty years he has been researching, studying, and teaching leadership, development and performance improvement. He is the inventor of the NIKE soccer ball and a former airline executive. He is fluent in reading, writing, and speaking English. Unfortunately for us, all of his writing is in Dutch. So, brush up on your Dutch. Dus poets je Nederlands bij.

Next post we will learn more about him and his new book about The Donald. Here is a link to his site. You will need to use the translate function to read it.


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