Our mission
Our mission is to be vigilant, not vigilante.

Our goal is to put selected stories, new and old, in context.

Think of us as an internet-based coffee-table magazine.

We search for options and promote new ideas.

And we listen and respond to your interest and suggestions.

There is not much glory in being vigilant, except in research labs and the due diligence of choosing Nobel Prize Winners. Nurses, school teachers, first responders, firemen, garbage collectors, food inspectors, auditors, water boys and girls are vigilant, but they are not visible except when needed.

It is much more fun to be vigilante.

Robin Hood is a vigilante we root for. Some of us wanted to be Bonnie & Clyde, at least the romantic style side. Or Thelma and Louise before the cliff appears. Genghis Kahn for a day. There is a reason why The Godfather is a movie we can’t refuse. We root for the mafia because there are crooked cops that make it easier for us to root for the bad guys. There is a reason there have been no sequels to Casablanca: sometimes the vigilant team, perfectly cast, teams up with the vigilante team, perfectly cast, and there is a start a beautiful relationship.

We hope drug smugglers get away in the movies, especially with the DEA on the prowl, and thus we are virtual collaborators in the War on Drugs. The inestimable movie critic Roger Ebert says, “Movies about con men are seductive because the audience is on both sides of the moral issues: We want to see justice done, of course, but at the same time we’re intrigued by the audacity of this character who is trying to out-think his opposition.” We root for a Chicago successful financial advisor who is on the run for money laundering and flees to the Ozarks to keep his legitimate day job and save his family. A Netflix original, Ozark.

In Washington, DC, the capitol of the US, most of us want more vigilant senators like Republican Susan Collins from Maine. She was a professional actuary before becoming a senator, but she was left off the fixing of Obamacare and Medicaid expansion. The decision was made by white old men who don’t know what an actuary does. Make that all old white men. Or someone vigilant like John McCain with his iconic “thumb down vote” on healthcare repeal because it did not go through regular order, or follow the rules in the Senate for making laws. He fought off vigilantes in North Korea, but in Arizona he had to abandon his “Straight Talk Express” to beat off the vigilante charges from the right. Now in the twilight of his brave career and sacrifice to the Country, he is vigilant about America’s place in the world. Most women, and plenty of men are rooting for more Democratic Senators like Kristen Gillibrand who is drawing, painting and pointing to the new red lines in the middle of the road. Yellow is gone, so are lines in the sand.

By putting selected stories of the times in context, we hope to make more of us vigilant, not vigilante. What is your Vigilant story?

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