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Zuckerberg Puts on Angel Face

Zuck, as the inner-players call him, was up to his usual mix of  mischief including 1) I’m sorry; 2) we designed it right years ago but didn’t follow through; 3) I’m sorry; 4) I don’t know those details—even though I am the CEO; 5) we need better enforcement; 6) back in my college dorm; 7) it’s all here in this legal disclosure; 8) the user doesn’t want to read all these words; 9) I’m not aware of that; 10) I’ll have my team follow up with you.

The only part of the Facebook hearings that was more bland were the same general questions from the Senators and Congressmen, except Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) who said “Your user agreement sucks,” and Senator Dick Durban (D-IL) who asked Zuck, actually stung him and rendered him speechless, if he would share what hotel he stayed in Washington the day before the hearings. Durban’s point: of course Zuck wouldn’t want to share that information, but that is the business he is in!

The disturbing part of the testimony is the pattern of lying and deception, then apology, then promise to fix, then forgetting to do it, then starting over with more deception.

This is just the beginning. Actually, Wired Magazine got everyone’s attention with their comprehensive analysis of the inside story at Facebook.

It may be time to do with his Harvard dorm room what William Hewlett and David Packard did with their garage: enshrine it and move on.

What goes around, comes around. Zuck impersonators are scamming Facebook users and taking naive users for a ride. Same scam, new twist. Reader be vigilant.

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