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We’re excited you are giving this Weekly Update Newsletter some consideration. We need your participation to make this site successful. We don’t take any advertising. This is truly a labor of concern about the state of affairs in the United States and around the world, worsened in many ways by Trump’s arrogance and bellicose ways. His disrespect for the basic institutions that make America work and his ignorance about how the world is interdependent is enough to keep one up all night to be sure there is a dawning of hope.

FreeAmericanNews started with five of us feeling this way. We are a Trump-Free Zone because he and his tweets should not control the public dialogue, etc. More to come.

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Nothing except contact you occasionally when we need your feedback on something special. We will not share it or give it to anyone for any purpose. From time to time we may ask you a question about a post we have written or ask your advice on one we are planning to write. To do that we need you email address at a minimum. There are some other general questions that will give us a sense of who you are. That information will enable us to focus more on the issues that matter to you, concerns we share.

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