Write from the Heart

Credit: Bruno Bruni
This is our version of a Letter to the Editor you see and read in magazines and newspaper. It does not have to be specific to a post, but it should be about the themes we present. If your thoughts about this site come from the heart there will be warmth from them: the reader will feel the difference and find it easier to respond in kind. If some of our original content is off a little, we suggest you use a little putty, not a backhoe to fix anything. If you have an emboldening extension for the site, we would be grateful and our confidence will grow.

If there is a specific post you like, let us know, and tell us why.

Submit your comments, suggestions, ideas for posts and anything else that is on your mind. The editors will review and reply to each one. Selected ones will be posted and the dialogue will begin. Thank you for engaging. Our goal is to start and sustain a dialogue.

Tell us where you live–we might be neighbors.

Please email us on: editors@freeamericannews.com