What we believe?
A work in progress
  1. The independent actions of one person or one state or one nation should not be cause of a new problem for someone else, a neighbor on the block or across town, or across the pond, as the Brits like to refer to the US’s location. Due process is the heartbeat of community and the global village. Independent action has no place in building community.
  2. We do not promote or sign petitions for the President of the United States to resign. There are two provisions in the Constitution that address this matter—Article Two of the Constitution and the 25th Amendment. Impeachment can’t reasonably be the route in a Republican-controlled Congress, even if the Special Counsel Robert Muller finds mendacity in high places in oval offices. Any evidence implicating the President by Mr. Mueller should be noted, made public in full and referred to Congress for action—saving the Nation one way or the other. Others may be indicted or cop a plea, but the Special Prosecutor has no business indicting the President. He can make the case, show the evidence. And issue a report to the public and Congress. But his job ends there.
    Here is a summary worth reading
  3. We believe that Trump was not elected president by the majority of American voters, but won the election only because of the Electoral College where only 538 votes are cast, one for each Representative and one for each Senator. Trump got 306 of those votes. In this regard Bill Clinton failed to win a majority of the vote twice as did George Bush his first time. Another way to say this is: three out of the last four presidents, were all elected with less than 50 percent of the popular vote, but enough from the Electoral College to make it in. Recently, only Obama twice won with more than 50 percent of the popular vote and a majority of the Electoral College votes. Hmm!
  4. We believe that sitting presidents should follow the precedents of former presidents and let predecessors write their memoirs in peace, not torn to pieces with practically every breath. All sitting presidents should be satisfied with vanquishing their “foe” once and not trashing them on a seemingly endless rant. Only totalitarian and communist countries jail or kill their political foes or opponents. Russia comes to mind. China, Cuba, much of Africa, too many places in South America. Myanmar. This real or implied threat can’t be squared with the idea that we are a “Christian Nation.” Besides, it is unconstitutional in the sense that there are no provisions for doing so. It is extra-constitutional, below the law, below common decency and respect for all men and women.
  5. We don’t believe in Putin America First.