Amnesia April 10, 2018

Who Is The Only President Since Nixon Not To Face Impeachment?

Guess Again

The subject of impeachment is chilling. Therefore, we have opted to illustrate it with a classy photograph of Nixon’s dogs, a “man’s best friend.” And Nixon needed all the friends he could find. From left to right—Pasha (Yorkshire Terrier), Vicki (Poodle) and King Timahoe (Irish Setter). We are not among those who are prejudging Trump as some are. Impeachment is only for what a president has done while in office, otherwise there would likely not be anyone eligible for the office. There is an investigation going on into the Trump Presidency and until that inquiry is complete Trump is exempt from this question.

Obama is the only president since Nixon to not face impeachment in some form or another.  The discovery of this fact was startling.

For those who are impatient with how long the Trump investigation is taking, remember that the Clinton investigation went on for five years. The average time for high-level special investigations is 1,154 days, slightly more than three years, which means the Trump investigation, if it runs the average length, will end around November 2019.

In our judgment it would be a compounding mistake to finalize the investigation before the mid-term elections, just a scant eight months away. There have been enough home-grown interferences with elections to add insult to injury with a rushed release that is ill-timed. Remember the Hillary Clinton off-on again investigation, the James Comey bobble-head moments of grand posturing, the Bill Clinton “accidental” meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the warning of crooked elections from Donald Trump as a candidate, etc.

Russia didn’t shoot us in the foot: we did, the result of too quick a draw.

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A case could be made for some of this behavior from past presidents in office, from seeing UFOs to swimming nude. None rose to high crimes, but it now depends on what high is.
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