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There is no room for war in a globalized world.

From: Paul Cook, London, UK

Dear Editor,

Congratulations on your website. It has energy and it is fresh. Your tone is just what the world needs right now. I have not seen a site like this before.

Your Trump-Free Zone logo is clever, and I understand it is limited to his tweeting. But his policy matters most to us in Europe. Iran, the displacement in Syria, global warming, plus immigration and free trade need serious analysis. I hope you can add some of that context going forward. In the Europe the US political scene is not followed much. We in Europe do worry about Trump and don’t know what he is going to say next. This is very unsettling as peace in the world does not come through perceived strength, rather through coalitions of mutual respect and mutual interests. If we focused more on policy and less on personality, I believe we can move on. It’s been 100 years since the end of WW1 or as many of us see it here, part one of one World War in two parts that end over 70 years ago—only now to engage in a cyber war of unchartered dimensions. Our best collective thinking is called upon now.

There is no room for war in a globalized world. So much has changed in this century. The enemy is everywhere and we are all under attack. Polarization, by personality, is not an effective line of attack.

I hope you Mueller investigation will end soon and the US can get back to order, one way or the other.

Paul Cook


  • May 6, 2018

    Dear Mr. Cook, thanks for stopping by. You are our first letter to the Editor. We appreciate your time. Your reply is a challenge for us and it has been from the start. We know that America is too self-centered, self-focused. When Trump ran on “Make America Great Again” he took a remake of Ronald Reagan’s slogan, “Make America Great,” but Reagan’s was not code and his message was not at the expense of other nations.

    On this site we plan to focus more on the broader context and none will be more challenging than how Trump handles North Korea and mishandles Iran. He is doing North Korea on his own and ignoring the coalition of broad interests that brought about the Iran deal. The big problem we see, is unlike Europe, the US does not have a long time strategy: we live for the tweet.

    As any specific issues come to mind, let us hear from you again.

    Josh Hammond, Editor

  • May 9, 2018

    What is the source of this Iranian madness? Are not some of the same people involved with this decision to violate the Iranian Nuclear Deal the same people who lied about weapons of mad destruction and brought the world the war in Iraq? It’s going to be a long summer here in Europe.

    • May 9, 2018

      As Capt. Renault said in “Casablanca,” it is time to round up the usual suspects. Trump started off with an interesting national security advisory group until one of them, Michael Flynn, turned out to be a felon. Rex Tillerson had the right idea, but you can’t run the State Department like an oil company. He’s gone. Now with the musical chairs playing the swamp boogie, one of the guys who brought us the war in Iraq15 or so years ago on false premises, John Bolton, is out leading the charge for regime change. Obama was right when he said administrations will differ on strategy, but foreign policy needs continuity because it provides reliability, not instability. It is time to remain vigilant.

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