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Everyone Ought To Treat A Stranger Right

Just in from Ry Cooder

We had to wait six years for Ry Cooder to sing and produce again. It was worth it. An album for the turbulent 2018. It’s been too many years since he discovered The Buena Vista Social Club and changed the world music scene forever. Now the notion of the return of prodigal sons is timely and maybe, just maybe we can take it from a great old blues, slide guitar, multi-instrumentalist with an ear for a new sound and songs that rise to meet the times.

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  • July 4, 2018

    everybody ought to treat a stranger right, long ways from home
    everybody ought to treat a stranger right, a long ways from home
    be careful how you treat a stranger, by belying you turn him away
    but the fear that he might endanger will drive him from your gate

    be mindful of your speaking, careful how you go along
    you must always treat a poor stranger right and accept him in your home
    all of us down here are strangers, none of us have no home
    don’t ever hurt your brother and cause him to feel alone
    everybody ought to treat a stranger right

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Ry Cooder
"Making of the
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